My Lord Jesus knows that I have made every mistake a man can make in my lifetime, and for each and every one of my mistakes, I am truly sorry. And as my great father, Smokey Evans said, “boy, the only good thing you can learn from a mistake is the knowledge to never repeat that action and learn from your mistake”. Two of my great mistakes were not being able to elevate two great artist and songwriters to their place in history. The two gentlemen I refer to are Hoyt Garrick and David Craig. While doing many projects with them both, the world is unaware of their genius. I did get a major label deal with Stax Records of Memphis to release albums on both David and Hoyt. Before this could happen, Stax went bankrupt. Never the less, we did create many wonderful recordings that stand the test of time. What I post now is one of the many historic recordings we made together. This one is “Last Dance For My Lady” written and performed by Hoyt Garrick. Hoyt is joined by Dexter Garrard on drums, Danny Miliner on bass, Charlie Gressett on guitar, Tony “Nubs” Narty on piano, and David Craig on guitar and background vocals. In addition, the greatest sax player in the world, Jon Smith and the Edgar Winter Horn Section played on this record. The horn charts were arranged by the late and great Charlie Brent. I hope that you will enjoy this song and forgive me for not being able to catapult Hoyt and David to the superstar status that they really deserve. AMB, Bleu
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